From a basic cosmetic standpoint, a hydrated complexion looks more plump, healthy and youthful. Being adequately hydrated will help to improve skin elasticity which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, hydrated skin also helps to combat oiliness. Dehydrated skin produces more oil because it is compensating for a lack of moisture. Often to combat the oil, individuals believe that the best course of action is to try to dry out the skin (by using harsh drying agents and cleansers on their face), which is a common misconception.

Dehydrated skin is also less resilient to environmental irritants. When your skin is fully hydrated, it can fight and flush out toxins more effectively because your cells are getting the maximum amount of hydration that they need to function at their best. Experts suggest that you should be drinking at least eight glasses, or two liters of water per day.
Cheers to your health!